THAK Rental Order Form

Numerous THAK creations permanently on display at the shop are available to rent for film, events and educational opportunities. 

Most creations are made using THAK’s frame to scale it, but will accommodate a 30% +/- in height and weight.

So as a starting point THAK is 5″10′, 220lbs.  That weight is distributed in viking proportions.

Most of our typical rental customer costs are over $1,000 with shipping.  So bear that in mind if you’re hoping to get a suit of armour rental to Georgia for $100.  The cost can be much less if your item choice is small and you handle pick-up & return costs.


Rental Periods

Typical rental periods are for 3 to 7 days dependant on destination and purpose of rental, but duration is customizable and another reason our quoting process is still done this way.


Rental items are typically shipped in North America, but can be shipped to anywhere in the world.  Because of the nature of our rentals, how they must often be crated for shipping and how long people want to rent them for; ordering rentals from THAK is a custom quoting process.

How to Order

Scroll through the many, many pictures we have of our inventory knowing there is more than what’s posted.  Note the item name(s) and number(s) of what you would like to rent and include that in our submission for rental requests below.

Also include the destination, rental period, purpose of the rental and your contact information.

We’re a small, but very busy shop so we’ll respond to request as quickly as we can.

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