THAK Creations

THAK Sculpture

THAK Ironworks is one of the most versatile bespoke metal working facilities producing today.

We regularly create custom work for film, private collection and interior design.  Our creations are all made under THAK’s hammer and no project is beyond our capability.




Many items in THAK’s armoury are available for rent to individuals, corporations and film productions.  The items we post available for rent are often updated as we continue to produce new items all the time. Below is only a sample of what we have to offer.  Go to our rental section to see a complete list of inventory and an explanation on how to rent.

Armour RentalsSlayerExcaliburMedusa ShieldSkull Sword


Interior Designed Installations

Over the years we have created and installed a great number of items for people’s homes, businesses and collections.


Exterior Designed Installations

We are able to create large functional works that take into account factors ranging from building codes, surrounding architecture, weatherproofing and aesthetic.


Commissioned Armour and Costumes

THAK is well known for creating ornate armour and costumes for film and private collection.  Tailored to specification, each work is completely unique and immediately identifiable as something created under the hammer of THAK.


Sometimes our work is the restoration of works from other craftsmen in different periods.  Returning life back into neglected objects is never a straightforward process, but we’re very knowledgeable historically and technically.

Securing THAK’s hammer for your project.

If you know what you want and know THAK’s hammer is how you’d like your idea brought to life, please send your request to