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Event Booking Terms & Conditions

Event Booking Terms & Conditions

THAK Ironworks Inc. Event Bookings Terms & Conditions of Sale
Any event booked with us is subject to the following conditions and may be revoked by the issuer, proprietor of the venue and/or organizer of the event for breach of any of the specified conditions. THAK Ironworks Inc. may change or amend these Terms & Conditions of Sale at any time.


THAK Ironworks Inc. sells event packages at our partner facilities and requires all participants to sign our waiver prior to commencement of the event.

Your ticket

You can print your event confirmation/ticket(s) immediately upon confirmation of your credit card authorization by clicking the Download & Print Ticket button. A confirmation email which contains a PDF of your ticket is sent to the email address you provided during the ticket purchasing process, from which you can print your ticket(s). You can also print your ticket(s) from your THAK Ironworks Inc. profile.

Look after your ticket(s) as you would cash. It must be presented in order to gain admittance to the event. The code on the ticket uniquely identifies this ticket and the purchaser, and can be redeemed only once. Multiple copies of this ticket will not allow multiple entries. In the event that multiple copies of this code are presented at the event, the Promoter may refuse entry to all ticket holders presenting tickets with this code.

When presenting concession tickets or entering events with an age restriction in place, appropriate identification must be shown. If suitable identification is not presented, you may be refused admittance to the event.

All event prices are shown in Canadian Dollars and include taxes where applicable. THAK Ironworks Inc. accepts most major credit cards.

Postponements, cancellations & refunds

Events cannot be refunded, exchanged or cancelled once issued except in accordance with the applicable laws of Canada & USA.

In the event of a cancellation, the deposit is non-refunded. We try to work with the purchaser to reschedule their purchased events for another date will be valid for the new date unless otherwise notified.  Upon the start of your scheduled time, you are responsible for the remaining amount for the session.  We can process payments of individual guests from your party for the cost of their participation at our location.  In the event that THAK Ironworks Inc. authorizes ticket refunds for a postponed event, they will be issued only to the original credit card used for the purchase.

Purchase from unauthorized sources

Events are sold by THAK Ironworks Inc. Do not purchase tickets from any source other than the THAK Ironworks website at Events purchased from any other source may be unauthorized copies and may be refused admittance to the event.

Ticket limits

Event ticket purchases are limited to a total of 2 events per transaction. If you need to purchase more than 2 events, you will have to purchase in a separate transaction. This policy is meant to restrict unfair purchasing practices.

Changes in program

THAK Ironworks reserves the right to withdraw, replace, add or substitute artists or performers without notice.

Recording / audiotaping events

Cameras and video recorders, audiotape recorders and other types of recording devices may be prohibited at the event.

Refusal of admission or ejection for objectionable behaviour

THAK Ironworks reserve the right, without refund of any amount paid, to refuse admission to, or eject, any person whose behaviour does not comply with the rules and regulations set forth in our waiver.

Credit card problems

The THAK Ironworks Inc. ticketing system is an e-ticket system with an immediate exchange of information between us and your bank via DPS. Occasionally, your bank may not authorize a transaction, based on your account status or your card not being enabled for online purchases. In these instances, it is your bank denying your card, not THAK Ironworks, so please contact your bank for a resolution.

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