Thak’s Armoury Collection

Thak’s armoury contains a collection of armour and weaponry from many periods.  Roman, Greek, Viking, Mongolian, 12th – 15th century and of course fantasy.  For costume or prop designers who are geographically close enough it is usually worth the trip to poke through the armoury to assemble the appropriate ensemble.

15th Century Plate Armour

This is hands down (or perhaps gauntlets down) our most popular rental suit. Over the past 15 years this suit has traveled across North America to star in commericals, TV shows, and most commonly weddings and proposals. A fairly accurate reproduction of an actual 1450’s suit of plate, it functions as well as looks the part. This suit will fit a variety of sizes but fits best to a man 170-190 pounds, 5’8″ – 6′ tall.

Daily, 3 day, week or longer rentals available. Shipping not included.

Armour of God

One of our most requested rental themes: The Armour of God scripture Ephesians 6: 10-18 provides us with a lot of inquiries.  Clergymen and women looking to put a little punch in their sermons find our armour of God rental armour kit does the trick. The Armour of God includes a belt, breastplate, boots and sandals, shield, helmet, sword, and display stand (optional).

If you are the stereotypical “poor as a church mouse” pastor or priest and can’t afford our rental, we at Thak’s are going to throw you a bone.

Click the armour and weapons mentioned in this passage for a brief background description.  I am providing it as some basic reference material for preachers or would be preachers looking to build a sermon on the “armour of God” scripture.  I have stuck to fairly clinical, factual descriptions and left it to you to come up with the appropriate analogies and or metaphors to make your point.  Have fun!

More information about the Armour of God

Thak’s Presentations

We at Thak Ironworks enjoy sharing our unique specialized knowledge through various presentations, demonstrations and lectures.  These are delivered in a educational, but yet, entertaining fashion exploring blacksmithing, armouring and related metal working from a historical perspective as well as artistic and technical applications.  These presentations are tailored to meet the specific needs of your group from elementary to university level students as well as various museums, cultural events and trade shows.  These are available on site or in our shop.  Prices vary accordingly.

History of Armour and Weapons
(especially middle ages)

Designed to meet the requirements of Ontario Public Schools grade 4 Middle Ages Study Unit this presentation is informative and fun with lots of hands on opportunity to pick up and try on armour and weapons of several periods in history. On site or at Thak Ironworks.

Samples from THAK Rentals. 


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