Sword Forging

This is our “bucket list” course according to many of our students. Also described as “it’s a guy thing, you wouldn’t understand”. The concept of forging your own sword holds a mystical appeal to a select segment of society.

Our sword course takes the student through the entire process of constructing an arming sword, of a style typical of the time between the Viking era and the 14th century(double-edged with central single fuller and cross hilt). 

Design, proportions, weight, balance, blade geometry, and aesthetics are all discussed. From forging the blade, rough grinding, fullering, construction of fittings(quillion, pommel) and handle, and of course the all-important heat treating. This is an intensely challenging week that will test the student to the utmost. This intensity always creates synergistic energy among the students and makes for a memorable week for all involved.

Basic Toolmaking course or equivalent experience are prerequisites for this course. Students should also be in good physical shape as it is physically and mentally demanding.