Blacksmithing appeals to a wide demographic; old, young, male, female, people of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds all sharing a common interest in the art and craft of the blacksmith. Many of my students tell me they contemplated and procrastinated about taking a course for several years before finally making the commitment. Not one has ever told me they regretted finally doing it but several told me they regretted waiting so long.

Some of my students are looking to begin a career in blacksmithing, others looking for a hobby and some are just looking to have a once in a lifetime experience. Regardless of your motivation, virtually everyone who explores the field finds it a rewarding and empowering experience.

Myself and the other instructors at Thak Ironworks bring experience, enthusiasm and intensity to our teaching. I invite you to come and share our passion for this unique craft.

No refunds on courses. Date changes allowed up to 3 weeks before the scheduled course so that there is time available to fill your booking with another student.