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  1. […] what to expect when I stepped into Thak Ironworks, a blacksmith forge in the Mennonite village of Floradale, Ontario, but loud speed metal echoing around the dark, almost medieval building, where small fires blazed […]

  2. Do you have an age restriction for any of your courses? If so, what is the minimum age? Thanks.

    1. Anyone interested in the course must be 14 years of age minimum.

  3. Do you guys make blade smithing tongs? Also do you guys do any blade smithing?

    1. These tongs specifically would be useful for bladesmithing: Box Jaw Tongs

      We do some bladesmithing but we do a lot more custom work for homes and such. We do teach a knife making class (one will be going on yet this year) and also a sword-making class, and sometimes we will do commissions for knives or other blades.

  4. Hi I am from Trinidad and Tobago and I am interested in purchasing 5 bags of bituminous coal. May I know what is the total cost including shipping costs?

    1. Sorry, we do not ship outside of Canada. The costs for shipping would be extremely high.

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