Chess Set 2020

We are building a chess set for our YouTube channel in 2020 and are looking for contributions from our community. If you are interested in contributing this is the place to find all the info you will need. While we only need 16 pawns, if we receive more than 16 pieces we will work to include any extras into the project in some way or another.

Maximum Dimensions: 2″ long x 2″ wide x 4″ high (approx. 5cm x 5cm x 10cm) – the pawn may be smaller than this however it is best if the base is at least either 2″ long OR 2″ wide (there will be some wiggle room)

Material: any non-stainless steel – we will be determining the “side” of each piece through the use of copper finish.

Subject Matter: any kind of small critter. Gary Houston will be providing one of his snails, Mark Benoit has made a mouse and a video to accompany it and Ryan Fish will be making a Frog. Please try to choose something unique, we would like to have an assorted variety of pawns for the set.

If you want to contribute a pawn, please email us at and in the subject line type Thak Chess Set 2020. In the email please include your name and if you have a social media page you would like us to feature this is where you should share it (one per person). If you have already completed your pawn you may also share a picture here as well so we can include it on this page.

You should ship (or deliver) the pawn to 2282 Floradale Rd. Floradale Ontario, N0B 1V0, Canada. Make sure that you include your name and email either on your packaging or on a slip inside of the packaging.

Your contributions should be done and RECEIVED on our end by JULY 14, 2020.

It is very important that you follow these instructions so that we can properly keep track of who each pawn came from and give you proper recognition on this page.

Below will be listed the current contributions of members that we have already received.