Thak’s Story

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Who or what is Thak? A question I have been asked countless times over the past 20 years.

The origins of Thak and the reason behind the name are much less important as to what Thak has grown to represent. A distinctive style of Ironwork which joins fantasy with reality. Thak for many of my customers, represents a semi mythical character, who creates for them tangible fantasy. Even customers who find the notion a trifle silly have come to embrace the concept of Thak.

My shop is unique place where imagination becomes reality amidst Fire, Smoke. Sweat and Thunderous Noise.

I invite you to come and experience the mystery and the magic that is Thak.

Who or what is Thak… draw your own conclusions…

Robb “Thak” Martin

Master Blacksmith, Master Armourer, Sculptor, Instructor

Robb Martin began his career in blacksmithing in 1987 and began in 1989 what is now called Thak Ironworks Inc. With an interest in blacksmithing, medieval armour and sculpture, Robb (or Thak as he is sometimes known) combined these three disciplines into his business early on. These influences have developed into a very distinctive style of metalwork. Sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary, and sometimes futuristic and fantastical or a combination of all the above. Thak creates high quality forgework which blurs the line between utility and art. “Functional Sculpture”. Robb enjoys designing and creating a wide array of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for clients worldwide.

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  1. like to order a forge pot kit need shipping cost . Can not find your phone number

    1. Our phone number is 519 669 0721, or you can email us at (prefered).

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