Bituminous Blacksmithing Coal

Bituminous Blacksmithing Coal

THAK Ironworks is one of the few suppliers of smithing coal in Canada. This coal comes from Virginia and is in my experience the best forging coal in North America. It is sold in 70 lb bags and is available through us direct or from your local Home Hardware store across Canada.

We provide bulk discounts on orders as follows:

Pick-up Only
1-5 Bags of 70lb coal = $45/Bag

Shipping Available
5-14 Bags of 70lb coal = $45/Bag
15-29 Bags of 70lb coal = $36/Bag
30+ Bags of 70lb coal = $30/Bag 

Coal Shipping Information

* 5 Bag minimum coal order required for shipping.  Any order less than 5 bags should be picked up at our location because shipping will likely exceed the value of the coal.

Unless you are picking up your order, we will follow up with a custom shipping quote which will be in addition to the coal purchase you make here.  

For details on shipping requirements and sample costs, refer to the detailed product description.

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